Zipper Pouch



These sturdy and functional zipper pouches are made right here in Montana! Each pouch features a waxed canvas exterior with a lighter weight un-waxed canvas or Cordura lining. They are beautifully crafted with all seams hidden, and sturdy enough to stand on their own. Fold over the zipper edge to work from your yarn inside without any snagging and to create a more stable bag. There is a handy little exterior bison hide loop for attaching your keys.

Zipper Pouch from RaenWorks | Stix Yarn in Bozeman, MT
Indigo Zipper Pouch with Yellow Zipper
Zipper Pouch from RaenWorks available at Stix Yarn in Bozeman
Perfect size for smaller projects

Exterior measurements 5" wide, 7.5" tall, 8" long. Interior lining varies.


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