The Workbook by Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills


The latest book from Merchant & Mills. This beautifully photographed book contains six classic garments that create a stylish multi-layered wardrobe from scratch - Make Fashion Work! 

This book is fabulous value, it comes with six full-size patterns which are neatly packed into a card wallet on the inside of the front sleeve. Each project pattern is graded from size 8 to 18 with the exception of the Haremere Jacket which, because it's an oversized style, comes in just 3 sizes: small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-18). 

The garments included in Workbook are as follows:

  1. The Bantam - a neat vest with a boxer back detail,
  2. The Curlew - an elegant bias-cut long-sleeved dress,
  3. The Saltmarsh Skirt - a simple long style,
  4. The Heron Wrap Top - a bat-wing wrap top,
  5. The Haremere Jacket - over-sized with drop-shoulders; and
  6. The Strides - straight, wide-leg trousers.

There are also style variations within some of the patterns, giving the reader an additional four/five garments, and adding to the flexibility of this stylish collection. The aim of Workbook is to move beyond simplicity and dare the maker to develop new skills.