Holiday Best Volume II by Charley Harper

Birch Fabrics

$3.00 $4.25

Please note that this item is priced by the 1/4 yard

Cut in 1/4 Yard increments, cut continuously when ordering multiples
Order 2 for 1/2 Yard, 3 for 3/4 Yard, 4 for 1 Yard etc.

The colorful, stylized wildlife prints of Charley Harper come to life in this fabric collection for Birch Fabrics on 100% Certified Organic cotton.

Organic fabric made with low-impact dyes keeps chemicals out of your home, off your skin and away from your growing little ones. It also protects the workers in the fabric mills and on the cotton farms, helps save the bees and other wildlife living near the farm (plus all the water and water-dwelling creatures downstream!).

Get crafty and bring Charley's love of the outside world with you everywhere you go!