Cormo Sport

EarthStar Farm LLC


Cormo Sport is hands-down one of our favorite yarns. It's grown by our friends at EarthStar Farm, located at the base of Big Mountain in Whitefish, MT. The main flock of Cormo sheep (and a few special remaining Targhees) are descended from Merino parentage and are carefully bred to ensure finest quality fiber (super-fine 16-21 microns for the Cormos, slightly higher microns for the Targhees). Cormo sheep are a relatively new breed and exotically hail from Tasmania, AUS where sheep reign supreme. EarthStar Farm is carefully and selectively breeding to accentuate the natural black and moorit grey sheep in their Cormo flocks. They create the pearly cream, soft grey and warm black yarn colors by blending the exceptionally soft natural undyed wool to create the tweeds and solids of the "EarthStar Naturals" range of yarns. It is soft and squishy, yet still manages to have great stitch definition. We love it so much we included in our popular 2022 Yarn from the 406 box! You seriously must get this yarn on your needles. Love, love, love!

This yarn pairs beautifully with Farmer's Daughter Fibers Recollect base.

Full-size skeins have 300 yards/100 grams

Pony skeins have 170 yards/56 grams

Needle size: US # 4 - 6 (3.5 - 4mm)

20 - 24 stitches to 4"


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