Centenary Shirting by Yoko Saito



Centenary 27 is designed by Yoko Saito using the patterns and colors such as delicate plants and trees. These fabrics are useful for matching colors, such as subdued shades of pink and yellow, deep brown and dark blue. She hopes you will find them useful for your own projects.

Print fabric with grass flowers and plants.
As the flower pattern is similar to the color of the background, it can be used as a solid fabric. D and E can be used for country-style color schemes, and G, with its beautiful deep blue color, is recommended for binding and accent fabric.

100% cotton. Machine Wash warm, tumble dry. Remove promptly.

 Please note that this item is priced by the 1/4 yard

Order in 1/4 Yard increments, cut continuously when ordering multiples
Order 2 for 1/2 Yard, 3 for 3/4 Yard, 4 for 1 Yard etc.