by Cameron Hildreth

Merry Making Week 2: Sport-Weight Edition

While we understand that time doesn't actually move faster around ...
Merry Making Week 2: Sport-Weight Edition

While we understand that time doesn't actually move faster around the holidays, it really does seem like it. Even though it only feels like 10 minutes since our last post, it has been a whole week! However, there is still plenty of time to make your gifts with smaller-scale tools.

For instance, the adorable crochet hat pictured above...the Watson Waffle Hat. It is so cozy! We used two natural shades of super-soft Earthstar Farm Cormo Sport and topped it off with an alpaca pom from Toft. Thanks to the ridiculously speedy folks at Toft in England, we have a new shipment of sweet new dyed poms as well as the lovely fluffy natural shades to choose from to top any hat you make this season. (Seriously, we don't understand how they do it....we order the poms and seemingly about 20 minutes later they are here!)

Pattern available here.


You all might be aware of our fascination with the Pressed Flowers Shawl and Cardigan, and the hat does not disappoint either! Knit it with one ball of Recollect and one ball of Edition 3.....the bouncy Recollect really lets the stripes and marls of the Edition 3 shine through. This hat was so much fun to make, I want to cast on another right now! Choose your favorite shades online or in the shop. We are happy to help you match them up, just give us a shout!

Pattern available here.

We love these Solstice Mitts too!
You could use leftovers from either of the hats above for the contrast colors; feel free to mix and match the Recollect and Earthstar Sport, they play well together. 

Pattern available here.

The Shift by Andrea Mowry has always been a favorite of ours; knit as a gift it is sure to delight and impress the giftee! 
Choose 3 shades of Edition 3 and let the yarn do most of the talking! This project is addictive to knit, so you will have it done in no time at all!

Pattern available here.

The Oslo Hat (Mohair Edition) uses a stand of Sunday and a strand of Sensai held double to create a sport-weight gauge.
We have so many perfect pairings of these two yarns! Hop online or come in to choose your own, or we are happy to help you find your favorite pairs. 
Shop Sunday or Sensai.

Pattern available here.

Looking for a fun, easy stashbuster? Check out the Easy Granny Christmas Baubles pattern.

Use up your leftover sport or fingering scraps and whip up a few of these sweet ornaments! You can find the clear plastic ornaments at most craft stores, and you can download the crochet pattern here.

Last for this week, if you need to make a stocking to fill, we have some really great kits from Appalachia Baby Co. in the shop for you.

The kits include the yarn and the pattern, all you need is the needles and the determination to get it done! (and goodies to fill it up, of course!)

Ok elves, go forth and make! See you here next week!

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