The Stix Chix are excited to share our love of all things yarn by offering classes, hosting events and venturing out for field trips. We love learning about our local "fiber shed" and love talking about where our yarn comes from. It’s important to us to foster a strong fiber arts community where folks can come together to discuss and share fiber-related stories. 

The Stix community is made up of yarn lovers of diverse ages and abilities. We aim to create a safe space where everyone feels valued and supported in their crafting endeavors. This includes providing space for all people across differences of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, political affiliation and socioeconomic background. 


A little Stix Her-Story

In 2004, Stix opened in downtown Bozeman on South Tracy Avenue underneath Main Street.  A ball of yarn stationed at the top of the stairs (at one time deemed the largest yarn ball in the United States!) served as a beacon to draw knitters down the stairs. Our basement location served as the headquarters of the online magazine, Tangled, which published both knit and crochet designs. In 2012, Stix moved up to West Main Street where locals and tourists alike found us and our reputation grew for carrying local yarns as well as a great selection of nationally known yarns. In 2020, in response to our customers’ need for parking, Stix moved to West Mendenhall Street during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our new location is light and airy with a large classroom and windows to gaze at the mountains that surround us.







Meet the Stix Chix

(from left to right)

Tracy has been knitting and crocheting her whole life — she does not even remember learning either skill! A third generation yarn shop owner, she enjoys teaching more advanced technique classes, which is ironic because she doesn’t like learning new things herself. Tracy likes fixing people’s mistakes, making samples for the store and coming up with creative ways to use up every last inch of a ball of yarn. Any object, immobile or otherwise, is in danger of being covered in crochet when she is near it. Her designs have been featured in Interweave Crochet as well as in our in-shop designs. Tracy has lived in Bozeman for most of her life and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Cameron was a beginner when she opened Stix in 2004. Today, she loves to teach beginners how to knit and crochet so they can discover the same joy. Cameron lives vicariously every day by helping people choose new projects and she loves seeing the color combinations they come up with. She enjoys learning clever techniques and using them to make detailed-oriented projects that look sophisticated yet are wearable. Cameron likes to envision new designs and loves that Tracy loves to put them to paper. Cameron has lived in Bozeman for 25 years and sees herself living and knitting in the mountains for a good long time, but she also loves to travel and see what folks in other parts of the world are knitting.

Marta got back into knitting when her grown-up kid wanted to learn how. She loves a knitting challenge: brioche is her favorite and the harder the better! She enjoys teaching a customer a new trick and loves to see their faces light up when they finish a project. Marta’s favorite “job” at Stix is to walk around, squish yarn and put colors together. When she’s not at Stix, you can find her baking delicious treats and dreaming of retiring in Italy.