Hiroshima Sashiko Assorted Needles



Tulip Sewing Needles, (blue boxassorted sharp. Package of eight (8) needles: two (2) of size #7; three (3) each of #8, #9 within a clear, labeled, cork-topped tube. Superior polished finish to glide effortlessly through fabric. All Tulip Needles are manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan and designed with needle artists in mind. Hand-stitching needles have beautiful eyes for easy threading; special processing produces a body of ideal strength. Surface treatments include lengthwise polishing and/or nickel-plating for needles that resist rust and glide easily through fabric. The precision point provides smooth piercing for easy stitching. Needleworkers report experiencing less hand fatigue using Tulip brand needles!

Sashiko Needles, (olive green box), assorted long, contains 2 needles each of sizes 102 x 66.7mm, 0.97 x 44.5mm, 0.84 x 51.5mm  This is my favorite of these needles. The longest have eyes big enough for the thick sashiko thread, the small ones would take a #8 perle cotton. This is a good choice for a variety of sashiko needle lengths, try it if you stitch on more than one fabric type.

Sashiko Needles, (olive green box), assorted short, contains 2 needles each of sizes 0.84 x 45.5mm, .091 x 42.9mm, 0.84 x 36.4mm  Choose this package if you are stitching with lighter weight threads as only the largest size has an eye big enough for thick sashiko thread. This is a good choice if you are stitching on silk or very light cottons with #8 or #12 weight threads.


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