Organic Cotton/Hemp by Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills


Please note that this item is priced by the 1/4 yard

Order in 1/4 Yard increments, cut continuously when ordering multiples
Order 2 for 1/2 Yard, 3 for 3/4 Yard, 4 for 1 Yard etc. 

This is a beautifully versatile cloth that works for so many  patterns, it feels like cotton but the hemp content gives some added texture and slub. 

Suitable for dresses, tops, trousers. 

  • 77% Organic cotton, 23% hemp
  • 60in/153cm wide
  • 145 gsm/4.3oz. Wash at 30/40 degrees C
  • Made in Turkey and Oeko-Tex certified

Hemp is a densely grown plant that literally chokes out any competing plants. This means harsh chemical herbicides aren’t necessary. Hemp also naturally reduces pests, so no pesticides are needed. It also returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil. Hemp production requires much less water than cotton, and only requires a small amount of land to cultivate.


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