Edward's Menagerie

Edward's Menagerie

Kerry Lord


Toft is pleased to present the new and improved paperback version of Edward’s Menagerie. Kerry Lord, owner of Toft Alpaca Shop in England, has designed over forty soft and friendly animals to crochet. Edward’s Menagerie even includes technical instructions, photo tutorials, and three skill levels of animals to choose from, making it suitable for beginner and experienced crocheters.

From Aardvark to Zebra - Edward's Menagerie is the most diverse range of crochet animals ever published, with over 40 cute and snuggly animals.  Each animal also has a universal pattern - where you can change your hook and yarn to create different sizes for different yarn weights.  The animals require no special equipment and less than one ball of yarn per animal - so get started with Seamus the Alpaca, Clarence the Bat, Bridget the Elephant, Rufus the Lion, Claudia the Saddleback Pig and many more – once you've made one you'll want to stitch the whole menagerie!

A Note from Yarn Loop-Of all of the books and patterns that I have seen, this may be my favorite.  I have never smiled so much while thumbing through a pattern book.  I envision making Caitlyn the little giraffe for my neice or Lawrence the Tiger for my son.  I have always loved making stuffed crochet animals for toddlers, and this book is my new favorite collection.  And I guarantee I will be making two of everything because my son will ask me, "Mommy, is this for me?" with those big blue eyes (and I will have to make one for him to snuggle as well).