Temperature Blanket Update: Montana "Spring"

One third of the way through the year, and I already need to rearrange the furniture to make enough floor space to photograph my progress. Hopefully, I won't need to move to a new apartment in order to accommodate the finished blanket. It is fun to have it large enough to drape over a chair and visualize its' future finished function, rather than just a work in progress.

I'm still working to see it as a whole, as a study in color composition dictated by nature, rather than looking at the individual pieces which I may or may not love. It really is lovely when viewed as a painting rather than a jumble of paint-pots.

The temperature range reflected in the hexies this month was the standard Montana "spring". 70 degrees one day and 20 the next; you know, the emotional roller coaster ride we denizens of the Rockies have come to accept as the cost of admission for living in this beautiful place. We might not love it, but we know it won't last very long. Hopefully.

We woke up to snow this morning!

One special thing for me about this April was the first birthday of my littlest grandson. Isn't he the cutest little hungry caterpillar?

I marked his birthday hexie to match his hat.

I'm working away on the centers of the May hexagons; I'm a little behind, but I'll have them finished in plenty of time to have a bowl full of centers ready to pick up every morning with my coffee.

See you next month for the May update. Here's hoping it is month filled with flowers and sunshine. And temperatures that match well with my rose-colored centers!


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