Temperature Blanket Update: March

Another month has come and gone already! I think I am beginning to understand what my elders have always said about time seemingly moving more quickly as we age. Fittingly, March was my birthday month, so another year has come and gone for me personally, as well. My first-born also has her birthday in March, and the fact that my baby is now nearly 30 with 2 babies of her own did nothing to dispel the perception that time is moving more quickly than it used to. 

It seems science has opinions about this, too. This article was an interesting read if you are a science nerd like I am.

Other than prompting me to ponder my mortality (you know, the light and fluffy stuff), my temperature blanket progress was mostly a continuation of my lesson in acceptance. The hexies this month truly reflected the weather in March; some days and their corresponding hexies were lovely, some were eeeww, no.


Eeew, no.

No matter if I liked the color combos or not, I soldiered on with the process. I also measured the blanket and am beginning to get a feel for how big this thing is going to be. It is currently 9 hexies wide and 15 long, with a projected plan to be 18 X 21. It measures 38"W X 58" L right now, so without any border it will easily be 76" X 82". And I do love a hefty border on my blankets, so this thing is going to be a monster!

I am STILL following through with my commitment to keeping up with this daily. No one who knows me well can really believe it; it's so very unlike me. My morning ritual of coffee and crochet has become something I look forward to every night when I go to bed.

I have made all of the hexie centers for April in orange. The early days of April have so far resulted in color schemes that look vaguely like sports-ball team uniforms. I'll have to start thinking of team names to go with them. 

See you next month!


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