How to Tidy Up That Little Cast-on Jog

Your knitted project usually begins with a cast-on, but learning how to make it look great later is an important part of finishing your project. With many cast-on methods for projects worked in the round, you may have noticed a little gap or jog where you join the cast-on into a circle to begin knitting.

two tone pompom hat

There is a really easy fix! You will need to weave in the tail left from your cast-on anyway, so you can use it to suture that jog closed in a way that will mimic the look of your cast-on stitches. The only tool you'll need is a tapestry needle. 

Step one: Thread the tail on the tapestry needle. Tip the cast on edge up a little so you can see the bottom of the edge. From above, insert the needle through both strands of the first stitch to the left of the tail.

Step two: Again from above, insert the needle through the two strands of the stitch the tail originally emerged from. 

Pull the tail snug and voila, it looks just like the rest of your cast-on stitches and the gap is closed!

There are so many little things you can do in the finishing process to make your work smooth and professional looking. Most of them are just this simple, too! We will be back next week with more finishing tips.



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