ADVENTure MKAL Gnome kit

Ancient Arts Yarn

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Meet Gnutmeg!

Gnutmeg can be counted on to bring a bowl of egg gnog and belly laughs to every party. His favourite gift is tickets to see The Gnutcracker Prince. He recently tried out for a part in an upcoming Gnetflix show called The Gnome of the Gnorth – let’s cross our fingers that he gets it!

~While the term advent is used a fair bit, this is not an explicitly Christmas event. It’s a ‘festive winter’ event set in a gnomish land.~

This December, unleash whimsy and playfulness! We’ve crafted an experience full of gnomes, surprises, and fun! That’s right: it’s a holiday mystery gnome knitalong and it’s an advent event!

Just like opening a window of an advent calendar each day, you’ll have the joy of knowing you’ll get an email every day from December 1st through 24th. On 12 of those days you’ll open your email up to find a clue – a small bit of knitting instructions for the next step in the gnome. The other 12 days will bring charming stories, special treats, and a recipe or two for traditional gnomish delights. Which comes when? Well, that’s part of the surprise!

You’ll also get video tutorials for all the parts that might need help. The chatter and energy in the Ravelry chat threads for each clue will be hopping with fellow knitters eager to talk, make gnome puns, and show off how things are looking. Use the hashtag #gnomeMKAL5 and #ADVENTuregnome on Instagram to join in even more fun.

Gnutmeg is a medium-sized gnome, and since he’s split into 12 stages you’ll find time to knit him up even in the busiest schedule. 

This ADVENTure will bring a smile to your face!

Ancient Arts Yarns, with guidance from Sarah Schira from Imagined Landscapes, has put together 3 distinctly wintery themed kits. This pattern will go on sale on November 1, 2020.


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