Inclinations Shawl Kit



Are you feeling so inclined? We’ve put together a few kits for Andrea Mowry’s new Inclinations Shawl. 

The Inclinations Shawl is all about texture, squish and the movement of color.  Watching the colors move and change is mesmerizing. This shawl utilizes Half-Fishermen's rib to move thru the stripes and leaves open all kinds of possibilities to make it your own. 

We love the way Rios and Rainbow Beach shift colors throughout the skein and think it will be so fun to watch how these colors play together! 

Inclinations Shawl by Andrea Mowry

*please note the pattern is not included with these kits. 

**Rainbow Beach is a thinner yarn than called for in the pattern, so you may want to adjust your needle size to find the fabric that you like. Specific gauge is not important on this project.