Cassel EU Linen

Merchant & Mills


Please note that this item is priced by the 1/4 yard

Order in 1/4 Yard increments, cut continuously when ordering multiples
Order 2 for 1/2 Yard, 3 for 3/4 Yard, 4 for 1 Yard etc. 

 A painterly check of blue/greys and cool browns. European laundered linen, tumbled at the mill for softness. This linen is yarn dyed, meaning the yarns are dyed before being woven.

This linen is produced in small batches in Eastern Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving linen fabric.

Suitable for dresses, tops, loose trousers, and slouchy jackets. It would make a fine Ellis dress.

  • Blue/greys and cool browns.
  • 100% linen.
  • 147cm (57.8 in.) wide.
  • 200gsm or 5.9oz.
  • Pattern repeat 4.8cm. Square size 1.25cm.
  • Please note: this cloth has a directional print, so if you are pattern-matching, all pieces should be cut in the same direction down the length of the cloth. This may mean that you will need slightly more cloth to complete your project.
  • Wash at 30 degrees with a non bio detergent. Do not tumble. Shake out and dry flat. Linen will always seize up after washing but as soon as you start to use/wear it the fibers relax again.
  • If you are using this linen for curtains we recommend using a lining to prevent fading.
  • Never dry linen in direct sunlight as the color can bleach and fade.
  • This linen is Oeko-Tex certified.



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