Acorn Collection

Trailhead Yarns


Trailhead Yarns has a passion for producing the best hand stitching threads on the market - Acorn Threads! Each silicone storage ring holds 25 coordinated Acorn bobbins in the most exquisite colors. 

From Canada these gorgeous 8 wt 100% Tencel (Lyocell) threads are hand spun and hand dyed in small batches in house allowing them to produce color-ways that are 100% unique. 

With total yardage of over 500 yds, these Acorn Collections will give your stash a boost or are the perfect way to start a harmonious project.

Tencel is a beautiful fiber made from eucalyptus trees using a non toxic process with little impact. With its soft handle, it maintains incredible strength for a variety of uses. Our environmental stance is clear: no plastic packaging, our aluminum bobbins are reusable and recyclable.