Corrie Worsted

la Bien Aimée


CORRIE WORSTED is La Bien Aimée's first worsted base! 

A beautiful mix of Falkland Corriedale and Gotland Wool, Corrie Worsted offers 230m (250 yds) for 100g. This worsted spun wool is deliciously soft and blooms beautifully when wet blocked, without growing at all. We are pretty sure they've developed the perfect sweater yarn and we hope that you will love it as much as we do! 

The big sister to Helix and Felix, Corrie Worsted is a natural Non-Superwash yarn base that is spun specially for La Bien Aimée. A light grey base color, we have 11 solid colors that mix and match together beautifully. All the projects in the book WORSTED curated by Aimee Gille are so intriguing. Tracy knit the Stratified pullover (pictured below) and Cameron knit the Azucena cardigan!